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“Technology is best When it brings people together” - Matt Mullenweg, Social Media Entrepreneur “Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success” - Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam “There is no way to succeed in business Without the highest ethical standards” - Jordan Belfort

How we make a difference

Why us?

Flexible Working

We focus on providing tailor-made projects adhering to the customer suggestions and demands within the stipulated time and with budget-friendly rates.

Integrated Services

Our qualified team has the expertise and equipment to handle multi- disciplinary tasks and provide value-added services to all our clients.

Professional Aptitude

Our team of technicians is shaped through regular development programs to maintain high standards of working and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Expert with Workforce

The main pillars of our company are the skilled and enthusiastic workforce with their unique blend of knowledge and experience, striving to expand our goals and success rates.

Enhanced Capability

Our experts are capable of administering the projects successfully within the stipulated time frame as per the defined SLAs and exceed expectations of our clients.

Quality Assurance

We assure high-quality services since all our work procedures extensively follow all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

What Makes Us Different

Backed by years of experience and target specific training, our proficient team of technicians has emerged victorious in handling complicated projects and producing profitable results. We have cultivated the knowledge and skill required to maintain long-term business goals.

Extraordinary Services

We have established an exclusive ‘Service Excellence’ program to monitor our progress and build a productive relationship with our clients.

Innovative Ideas

We have a well resourced and motivated team of workers who have the efficient capability to manage all site building processes.

Intelligent Leadership

Our proficient team of technicians has emerged victorious in handling complicated projects and producing profitable results

How it works



Vishvam Technologies Pvt Ltd focuses on providing high-quality and cost-effective services at offshore locations. We respond quickly to the changing marketing dynamics and indulge in the process of continuous modification of our service capabilities. We provide professional services to the telecommunications, gas, and power industries.
We are specialized in providing optimized installation, operations, and maintenance solutions to your businesses. We maintain a high standard of working and implement a wide range of modern equipment to carry out the required work.
We have created potential subcontracts with TSP’s and approved vendors. Our trained staff has previous experience of working with multiple vendors and are trained to cope with the challenging demands they face. The team is well-resourced and highly motivated with a clear mission and vision for the future world.


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